Our Cars n'Coffee is Growing......


Vendor Sponsorship Program

We want YOU to be part of it. 

We have created 3 effective ways of promoting YOUR business through ours. 

1. Product Donation

Giving Back To The Community

We are looking for local businesses to donate a product that you brand/sell in your facility for our monthly giveaways.  It is a way to give back to the people that help us, of what we are today. 

As a THANK YOU, your donation in return, will include: 

A fully linked (your company) spot Title on our CarsNCoffee media site directing visitors to your site or social media page for increased traffic flow 
Full mentions on our Social Media pages. Major exposure! 

What an incredibly easy way to get involved in our growing community and expanding our wealth of networking at the same time.
Email dave@ea.works for product donation program.

2 - Banner Advert Program

1. Should I advertise? 

If you need to ward off increased competition or generate additional customers or clients, then advertising is a necessity. 
When you advertise, you are buying an audience. We provide a large targeted audience so your advertising dollars are not wasted reaching people who are unlikely to do business with you, while focusing on those who will. 

2. How do I get started? 

Browse our website and then contact us. Our pricing and Sample Banner ad is on the bottom of this column. Contact us if you require more information. 

3. How much does advertising cost? 

Our main focus is to drive traffic through our website through your company advert banner.  Pricing is simple.  Its a one time yearly price $199.99. 

4. What are the perks of advertising on your website? 

With your yearly plan you will receive: 

- 1 Year of your company/ brand banner on our Website with a direct "click" link from banner to your website/social media. MAJOR EXPOSURE 
- Twitter feeds & media broadcasting to thousands of online presence of your company/brand product. 

5. What are your payment terms/credit policies? 

We use Paypal to payment on the adverts. 

6. Do I have to sign a contract? 

Signing off on your approval to run an advertising campaign is standard procedure. It protects you with a rate and provides written permission and consent for us to promote your business. 

7. What is co-op advertising? 

It is advertising paid partially by you and partially by one of your vendors. For instance, you may carry a new widget from ABC Company. ABC might pay up to 50% or more of your advertising bill for sharing time in your ads. Contact your vendors and ask if you have co-op dollars available.

Email dave@ea.works to get your advert banner program today!

This is a sample 250px X 250px Advert/Banner Logo Size for Advertising  $199.99 per year

This is a sample 250px X 250px Advert/Banner Logo Size for Advertising $199.99 per year

3 - Vendor Program

Our Vendor Package is designed for both physical presence at the show along with virtual/online presence via advert banner on the CnC website.

Virtual Presence:
Use our digital advertising to target your local companies/brands/product,  

  • Increase your brand  
  • develop your professional image  
  • increase traffic to your website, and your social media pages  

Thousands of monthly visitors interact with our website and spend an average 15-25mins per visit.  Globally connected with social media, demographics from the ages 25 to 50+ are the prime targets. 

You can stand out in this professional, structured organization with a high profile ad/banner (linked on our Cars N Coffee Webpage) that will provide a direct link through to your company/brand/product information.   

Banners are created based on client materials - texts, images, logos etc..  
For a banner to truly serve its purpose, it has to be visible and recognizable, visually pleasing or entertaining and attractive enough to work as a stimulus for its target group.  
This will help achieve desired measurable engagements.  

Banner advertising can be effective for any business that wants to increase brand awareness, drive targeted traffic to their website and generate SALES!  

Physical Presence:
Take advantage of being exposed to direct client presence by booking a "double lot spot" for your product or brand.

These spots are outside based and all vendor location requests will be considered on a first come - first serve basis and honored whenever possible.

You must provide your own tent, tables, etc. Electricity is not provided in the package.

Vendor packages can be booked one time price for the season, or booked as needed. We will cater to your needs and budget for these events.
When you book an event spot, your company/brand logo with a link to your company.brand/product on our CnC website for 1 year.

Vendor Package $ 75.00 per event. 
5 events are typically allotted per year.

 Email dave@ea.works for more information.