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Engineered Automotive is proud to be a DEALER Parts & Installer for G-POWER BMW Performance Products

Since 1983, and for more than 30 years, the name G-POWER stands for competence and passion around the BMW brand vehicles. 

Our goal has always been to adapt the BMW series to the individual needs of our customers. 

The company has developed products that have shaped the "scene" sustainably, such as the "DTM" exhaust tailpipes or the "wedge suspension" with different lowering rates on the front and rear axle. 

The G-POWER M5 HURRRICANE RR is currently bundled with over 30 years of experience. Thanks to the components developed by G-POWER for the engine, suspension and aerodynamics, it currently holds the record for the fastest sedan in the world.



The G-POWER design is characterized by clear lines and a straightforward elegance. 

A dedicated G-POWER design and creative department is responsible for the visual design of every G-POWER product. The aim is to underline the typical BMW language through G-POWER accessories without being intrusive. Of course the development effort with the design design is not yet finished. For example, the original BMW body is digitally recorded using the latest scanning technology and transferred to CAD as a computer model together with the G-POWER design design. A sound model (clay model) is then created on the original vehicle in order to check the consistency of the proportions of the design design and to make the final fine finish on the final design. 



G-POWER is one of the few vehicle refiners to have its own development department. 

Here, qualified engineers who are affected by the "BMW virus" work to implement the ideas of the G-POWER creative department. 

Whether it is compressor systems, aluminum wheels or complete aerodynamic body kits, the G-POWER engineers face every challenge. The more difficult the better, because "does not exist" does not exist. 

Whether CAD design or 3D laser scanners, which allows reverse engineering, the technical hardware available to the G-POWER engineers is state-of-the-art and allows product development in any automotive area at the OEM level. 



Of course, only a part of the G-POWER product development takes place in closed rooms. At the very end of the development process, the new developments have to show whether they can cope with everyday life on the road, but also insights into motor sport and the events of the BMW Club are part of the product development at G-POWER. At the same time 

, up to 50 different data are collected and evaluated by our engineers during development and testing trips, including the high-speed oval in Nardo. This elaborate approach guarantees a 100% system knowledge, and makes it possible to make a qualified statement about the performance which is technically feasible for standard motors and drive components, taking into account the service life. 



In order to guarantee our customers the best possible quality, the products developed by G-POWER are produced exclusively with the same, high-quality materials as are used in the original equipment. 

For example, the G-POWER X5 aerodynamic bodykit comes from PU Rim Kunstoff, as used by BMW for bodywork parts made of plastic. As the specialist for compressor supercharging in the BMW segment, G-POWER naturally completes its compressor systems in its own right. 

G-POWER is based on a combination of serial production and exclusive craftsmanship, using exclusively high-quality materials, thus laying the foundations for the longevity and high quality standards of the G-POWER compressor systems. 



Passion is our motive. The HIGH-SPEED world records, which G-POWER has gained in various disciplines, show us what this is all about. There is no better motivation and feedback for our committed team, which is the basis of our success with its tireless dedication and performance. 

At the same time, these records demonstrate the superior technical competence of G-POWER and also serve as a location for our competitors, which is also evident in racing. 

Whether it is a 24-hour race at the Nürburgring, an international Drift Challenge as a partner of "sportauto" or the "Tuner Gran Prix", 

G-POWER presents every sporting challenge with passion and success. 



G-POWER is a "global player" in the best sense of the word. Whether Japan, the USA or Saudi Arabia, G-POWER is present with its products in each of these key markets. 

Each of these very different markets has its own needs. This is how products are created for our international VIP dealers who meet the extreme quality requirements of the Japanese market, at the same time satisfy the Americans' performance hunger and also leave room for exclusive small series for the Saudi Arabian market, which is "Only the sky is the limit! " 

one example is the exclusive small series for the BMW importer in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Motors, named for the G-POWER a limited edition of 20 pieces" Abu Dhabi Motors Limited Edition "of the G-POWER X5 TYPHOON with 450PS supercharged engine Has produced. 

To consult on pricing and installation on ANY of the GPower products, please call or email one of our specialists.

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