Dyno Tuning

Engineered Automotive is Toronto’s premier tuning facility. Carrying tools and the expertise to not only test vehicle performance, but to also improve overall performance.  

Using our Mustang AWD-1750 Dyno, we can test 2wd and 4wd/awd vehicles up-to 3,500hp and/or 250mph.  

Steady-state tuning, load control, ramp adjustments, real-world simulations, top speed tests, accelerations tests, standing mile and ¼ mile runs accurate to .01 of second are all possible in our dedicated 1,500 sq. foot dyno room on our AWD-1750.  

The tuners at Engineered Automotive are familiar with many of today's modern EFI systems including, but not limited to: MoTeC, Vipec, Haltech, Autronic, AEM, Greddy, Apexi PowerFC, EFIlive, Edelbrock, FAST, Link, Cobb, Hondata.  

Dyno Pricing  

// 2 Wheel Drive Dyno Run | $120.00  
// All Wheel Drive Dyno Run | $150.00  
// Dyno Booking (By The Hour) | $250.00 per hour (min 5hrs) (includes Dyno operator)

**Tuning charges and software upgrades extra – please contact an EA Service Advisor for information